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Opening Time & Fees

Beach House is open from 7.00am – 6.00pm Monday – Friday. We are closed for all Bank Holidays.  The nursery closes for a week during the Christmas Period.  Should any parents have difficulty with this, please contact us and we will discuss your childcare needs.  Each child will be entitled to 2 weeks (pro rata) holiday where no fees are payable to the nursery.  No discount can be made for absence due to sickness.

Monies should be paid weekly in advance on the first day that your child attends the nursery.  Unfortunately, children will not be accepted into the Beach House without payment. Notice to leave Beach House is 2 weeks.


We like to enjoy the out doors as much as possible, so we would advise that your send your child with a suitable coat and Wellingtons. Those children who use a ‘dummy’ could you please ensure that you send your child to nursery with 2 ‘dummies’ in a clean container, so that we can sterilize them as required. It is now recommended that formula milk is not made up in advanced but parents supply us with cooled boiled water in the baby’s bottle and the correct amount of formula milk measured out in a sterile container ready to mix to fresh when you baby needs a feed.


Beach House Day Nursery is a small, homely nursery.  We can take up to 32 children aged between 0 – 5 years.  The Proprietor is a qualified nurse, the staff are friendly and experienced.  Should you wish to contact us to arrange a visit, please contact us on 01745 369 479 or

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Full day from 7.00am to 6.00 pm
£41.50 -includes breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks and drinks.

We are available from 7.00am booking only.

Half days from 7.00 am to 12.30pm 
£27.00 to include breakfast, lunch and snacks and drinks
Or 1pm to 6.00 pm
£27.00 to include tea, snacks and drinks
(Parents are requested to bring in formula milk for their babies.)


Full week £192

Registered for 42 children per day


There is an extra charge of £2.25 per home drop off and pick up if required.


At Beach House we are closed on bank holidays without charge and over the Christmas period. All children will have two weeks free holidays on the days they attend, e.g., if your child attends 2 days per week then they will have 4 days holiday per year.


• You will receive 2 contracts one for your safe keeping and one for your Childs file.
• Fees are payable on the first day of your child’s week.
• Two weeks written notice must be given to end your contract with us
• Full fees are payable due to sickness.
• A £5 per 5 minutes late fee will be charged for persistent late pickups. 
• Unfortunately, children will not be accepted into the Beach House without payment.