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Parents information

Parent App

We have a new nursery app that you can download for FREE.


Alternatively, click the link below to download


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This app provides instant access to event, blogs, newsletter and many more features. We will also be using this app to send out post notifications. These messages are sent directly to all those parents who have downloaded the app. To know your username and password, please contact the nursery. 

Information to parents 
Exchanging information with parents can be achieved by regular discussions, newsletters, daily sheets, general information and events posted on face book and the message board on our nursery cam web site and notice boards . All policies and procedures are available in our parents file.  All children and staff records will be kept in a locked filing cabinet in the office.

Parent and staff questionnaires are distributed at 6 monthly intervals. The information collated from these helps us to monitor, maintain and improve our quality of care and we adapt our Statement of Purpose accordingly.
If there is any change to our Statement of Purpose, including changes to our service, routine, facilities, staffing we offer we notify the CSSIW and communicate any changes to our parents via a newsletter.


Collection of children
Children will not be permitted to leave with anyone other than the designated parent/carer unless pre-arranged with the manager, and a password given .If the password is forgotten the parent/carer will be contacted.


If a child is not collected
  • The parent/carer will be called and they will be asked to collecttheir child.
  • Should there be no response from all contact and emergency numbers and the child has not been collected after ½ an hour the duty social worker will be contacted.
  • The advice of the duty social worker will be followed.


Emergency Procedures
In the event of the alarms sounding staff will evacuate the building using the nearest fire exits and assemble at the fire assembly point. Babies will be evacuated through the front windows into a travel cots until staff members arrive to help transfer them to the assembly point at the back of the building.
We will contact parents using our emergency contact list. In case of an evacuation we will take instruction from the emergency services we would transport the children to Beach House Fun Club.

First Aid Procedure
We have made sure that all members of staff have attended a first aid course.
Only very minor incidents and injuries are to be dealt with by staff using a first aid box other than exceptional circumstances.

Parents should be notified as soon as possible using appropriate means.
All injuries no matter how minor must be recorded on an accident sheet using the correct procedure that parents must sign when they collect their child and this will be stored in their individual files.