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Baby 1
Our Baby 1 room is registered for 6 babies aged from birth to 12 months, with two members of staff. Within this room we offer our babies to experience textures, colour, light sounds and movement. Each baby has their own basket and dummy pot for their own items.

Baby 2 
Our Baby 2 room is also registered for 6 babies aged from around 12 to 24 months, with two members of staff. Within this room we offer our babies equipment and activities to help develop their physical skills with walkers, push along toys, balls, and intellectual skills by using shape sorters, large inset jigsaws. We also help them to learn social skills by group activities, sharing, role play and encouraging language and hearing at song and circle time.

Peter Pan Room and Conservatory 
These rooms are used to discreetly encourage confidence whilst learning to mix, share and interact with other children, by different types of play. All children learn through play so we ensure we offer a wide range of different activities, equipment, resources to help with development and each child’s individual needs.


Our  spacious conservatory which is registered for 8 children. This is a lovely summery room with air conditioning. We offer the children a wide range of textured activities to promote development. We ensure that all activities are enjoyable and offer children learning opportunities and challenges.


Messy / Dining Room        
We offer a wide range of painting, messy and cookery activities. We also come together at mealtimes with Baby Room 2 which we have found very pleasant and the younger children learn from watching our older ones demonstrate their ‘grown up skills’.

As we have recently moved the kitchen to the top floor this has given us a larger physical area toys and equipment will be changed on a regular basis for the children’s’ development. In the long winter months we will clean the outdoor equipment and use it indoors so the children can further their physical development.


Ballroom / Sensory Room
We have a large ball pool which is filled with lots of bright coloured balls it also has a slide and padded walls.
We use this room as a sensory room with tents, sensory balls, toys and lights. All children in nursery use this room.