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Aim and Objective



At Beach house Fun Club we are committed to promote the welfare and development of all children in our care. We are registered for 52 girls and boys, however at any one time there must be no more than four 2 ½ year-old. We aim to provide a good quality of care and education in a safe and secure environment; ensuring parents know their children are well cared for in an environment filled with happiness and fun.

Our experienced and qualified staff will aim to continually set high standards of care and education equal and above those set out in the National Minimum Standards for full day care meeting each child’s individual needs effectively whilst treating them equally. We feel strongly about training and invest time and encourage all our staff to gain qualifications in childcare to meet National minimum Standards 13.6, this states that 80% of our staff are qualified to level 2 however half of these must be qualified to level 3. We have bilingual staff that can help and develop children’s language skills in English and Welsh. At all times the staff ratio of one member of staff to eight children over the age of 3, and one member of staff to four children under the age of 3 as required by CSSIW will be adhered to.

We follow the Foundation Phase curriculum; this is a new approach to learning for our younger children. An emphasis is placed on young children learning by doing and giving them more opportunities to gain first hand experiences through play and active learning.

There are seven areas of play that complement each other and work together to provide a practical, relevant curriculum which develops children’s skills. They are;

    •Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity
    •Language, literacy and communication skills.
    •Mathematical Development.
    •Knowledge and understanding of the world.
    •Creative development.
    •Welsh Language Development.

All meals and snacks will be provided and freshly cooked daily.  Weekly menus will be displayed on the parents display board. All children will be encouraged to sit at the table to eat together. You must inform us of any special dietary requirements.

In our experience we have found a lot of our parents have regret removing their children from Beach House Day Nursery as they reach school age so we decided to offer the same care and high standards at our Fun Club. As we know, children form bonds with their carers so it is important to us to keep that security and friendship with all children who attend the nursery and to grow with them as they move up and develop.

All visitors will be asked to park in the designated car park and will be asked to show a valid form of identification and sign the visitors’ book.