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Emergency Procedures
In the event of the alarms sounding staff will evacuate the building using the nearest fire exits and assemble at the fire assembly point. We will contact parents using our emergency contact list.
In case of an evacuation we will take instruction from the emergency services, we have the facility of using the church for shelter or transporting the children to Beach House nursery.

If a child is not collected
    •The parent/carer will be called and they will be asked to collect their child.
    •Should there be no response from all contact and emergency numbers and the child has not been collected after ½ an hour the duty social worker will be contacted.
    •The advice of the duty social worker will be followed.

A charge may be enforced.

In the unlikely event of a child being lost or going missing the following will be put immediately into place; 
    •An immediate search of the playroom, bathroom area, hall and kitchen.
    •A search of the outdoor play areas.
    •Emergency services contacted
    •Parents contacted.
    •CSSIW contacted to inform them of the situation.

A full incident report will be written by the person in charge.


Collection of children
In the event of a child not being collected the manager will telephone the contact numbers available, if no contact can be made by 7 pm then the manager will make contact with the social services. There will be a charge of £5 per 5 minutes that the parent is late, if a child is continually collected late. Children will not be permitted to leave with anyone other than the designated parent/carer unless arranged with the parent/carer and manager, and a password system will be put in place.

Children will not be permitted to leave with anyone other than the designated parent/carer unless pre arranged with the manager, and a password system will be put in place.
A £5 per five minute late fee will be charged for persistent late pickups.


Child Protection

We aim to create an environment in which children are safe from abuse and any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. We will endeavour to promote children’s awareness of their own personal safety. We have a duty to report any suspicion’s of abuse to the local authority, we will follow the procedure set out by the local authority and will seek their advice on the steps.

It is a legal requirement to hold information about all children and staff, which will be kept in a locked cabinet with only the managers who will have access.All staff are required to read and sign our confidentiality policy, which is available in our parents policy and procedure file.

Behaviour Policy
No child will ever be spoken to, or handled inappropriately; we will talk to child and try to resolve the problem. Re direction and distraction usually works. If other methods fail and the undesirable behaviour persists, then time out in the same room will be used. This will only be for a few minutes, depending on age. Parent will always be informed of any behavioural problems we may have with their child. We believe in promoting positive behaviour,
praising and acknowledging positive actions and attitude. We hope to ensure that children see that we value and respect them. Corporal punishment (slapping, smacking or shaking) will never be acceptable practice and will not be used.

Special Educational Needs
We are committed to the integration of children with special needs. We aim to recognise any special needs a child may have and ensure all staff are aware of the code of practice on identification and assessment of special needs. All staff will be trained to suit the individual special need.

Equal Opportunities
All children are welcome at Beach House Fun Club. We will give the same attention to all parents and children regardless of their gender, age, social group, religion, disability, or development and behaviour.

Complaints Policy
We have a complaints policy in place, if you have any concerns please discuss with Helen or the manager Sue Roberts, we will listen and record your complaint and try to resolve it as soon as possible on a local level. All concerns and complaints will be investigated and you will have a written report within 14 days. If you find the matter has not been resolved and you wish to take the matter further, then please contact the CSSIW, Government Offices, Sarn Mynach, Llandudno Junction, LL31 9RZ. Tel 0300 062 5609.

Exclusion Policy 
Please adhere to the exclusion policy and please do not bring your child if they are ill, infectious or have a temperature above 37.5 degrees. We cannot accept children with vomiting or diarrhoea and they must be clear for 48 hours before returning.

Medication Policy
Written consent from parents is required for all medications to be given to children using our medication form.  Please read the full medication policy in the ‘Parent file’.